Opening an account with Darico is very easy. Click the button Sign Up on the upper right side of the website and once you are redirected to the Signup page, insert your basic data such as full name, email address and a password. You have to verify your email address through a 5-digit code sent in your inbox. Depending on your mail filters if the 5-digit code is not on your inbox, please take a look at your spam folder, you might find it there. After verifying your email, you will be able to access the trader’s dashboard successfully.

Once you have accessed the Trader’s dashboard, clicking on the Upper right the ‘’Profile icon’’ it will open your profile verification page where you can upload your documents and get verified accordingly to get more advantages out of DARICO’s trading platform. If you want to change your data, click on ‘’Edit’’ or ‘’Change’’ beside each profile section and modify your data and settings accordingly. If you want to complete the KYC upload the required documents after clicking on the Verification tab.

We are enhancing all the security features of your account and we take very seriously this part. As of now it is recommended that all users immediately activate the Two-Factor Authentication on their accounts in order to have a second layer of security on their trading accounts. They can do so by clicking on the ‘’Profile icon’’ on the upper right side of their account and clicking ‘’Enable’’ button beside Google Authenticator.

After successfully accessing your account in the trader’s dashboard, click on Funds, then click on the deposit tab and choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit into your account. The wallet address for that particular currency will appear, copy it and paste it or scan the QR code accordingly in the wallet/platform from which you are making the withdrawal. After viewing your wallet address, send the funds from your personal wallet/platform to your corresponding Darico wallet address and the deposit will be successfully done. Be careful and pay extra attention to this transaction, sending a different currency in the wallet other than the currency specified prior to making the transaction itself, may result in loss of funds.

In the MetaTrader 5 platform you can trade 1000 + conventional assets (CFDs on cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, commodities etc) instead on the crypto exchange you can trade directly a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Darico is offering both in one solution.

After successfully accessing your account in the trader’s dashboard, click on the Funds tab, then click on the Withdrawal tab and choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw from your account. Copy paste your external personal wallet address into the field in the dashboard. Click withdraw and the funds will be successfully processed and transferred from your Darico account to your external account. We are not responsible for loss of funds due to incorrect wallet addresses.

The trading platform provides a simple and user-friendly interface. All commands can be accessed from the main menu, and the most frequently used ones are available on the toolbar. Quotes are displayed in Market Watch tab, while from the Navigator you can manage technical analysis and algorithmic trading tools.

On the demo account, you can practice you trading skills without risking real money. Click on Open Demo Account on MT5 tab and insert few personal data that you are required to. After accessing the demo account try to make your first trade. Select a financial instrument in the Market Watch window, open its context menu, and click "New Order. To execute a Sell trade, click "Sell". For a Buy trade click "Buy". Experiment a little bit with the platform itself to get acquainted with the features and start trading right away in the Live account.

Darico Ecosystem Coin stands at the very center of Darico’s trading platform. Its use cases in the ecosystem are listed below:

  • Paying for trading fees (with discount advantages)
  • DEC holders will be entitled to Institutional spreads on MT5 and lower fees in the Crypto Exchange.
  • Depositing successfully DEC into the trading accounts, traders will be receiving on their trading account a bonus at the rate 1 DEC = 1$ and trade 1000+ financial assets.1

1 Limited amount of time and T&Cs apply.

DEC holders will be classified into Tiers and according to their holdings and trading volume they will receive institutional spreads on the trading platform and discounted fees on the crypto exchange. The classification and precise numbers will be announced soon.

DEC can be used in both trading platform and crypto exchange. Depositing DEC on the trading platform will enable you to start trading more than 1000+ conventional assets right away. You will be able to buy stocks, Indices, ETFs, Crypto CFDs, FX and many more asset classes using your Crypto holdings.

DEC can be deposited right after the trading platform is launched by end of July. At the beginning you can trade only conventional assets and CFDs of Cryptocurrencies.

The list will be released along with the launch of the Trading Platform. We will offer the top liquid ones for sure along with DEC. We will look to expand on this list gradually as we go forward.

As stated previously in our articles in order for DEC holders to get the Darico Ecosystem Community Shares they will need to prove their right to obtain DECS through TDECS and deposit DEC into the upcoming Crypto-Exchange by end of August.

You have the choice to keep your DEC in the 2019 Fund and benefit from the sale of the tokens (if possible) and if not then they get them back + 1.5% extra per month of their deposit at the end of 2019. Another option available is that you can remove them from the fund only if you deposit them to the Trading Platform at a 1:1 ratio. The DEC holders that opted to put their DEC on the annual funds are exempted from depositing DEC in the Crypto-Exchange to get their DECS, they will get DECS automatically into their accounts once Crypto Exchange is up and running.

Our support team will be available 24/7 through live chat and email contact. If you have any issue related to the platform please contact support@darico.co or click the ‘’Chat now’’ bubble on the lower right of Darico’s homepage.

Steps to go through before contacting support:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Check the currency you are trying to deposit/withdraw
  • Check if you have enough funds to pay for gas or fees on different blockchains
  • Check for any error pop up and read carefully if there are any instructions to perform a certain action.

If your account was locked, you will need to send an email to support@darico.co there will be an investigation on figuring out why your account was locked and someone from support will contact you regarding the issue. Make sure to give all your details and specific issue encountered in the email. Keep in mind that this can be also related to legal restrictions not depending on Darico but the country you’re coming from. However, we will always make sure to give proper explanation on why an account was locked and the fastest resolution applied if any.

Depending on the issue that you have these steps are necessary to be performed:

A. If there is an issue with order execution:

  • Please check the price of the open order and verify whether it matches counterparty (bid/ask) price and volume or not.
  • If you would like to expedite the order, you can cancel the open order and submit a new one more competitive.

B. If you cannot cancel the order, or you didn’t receive the tokens/coins in your account etc, please send an email to support@darico.co and attach to it:

  • Screenshot of the order made;
  • Error encountered if any (otherwise a picture of whatever your issue with the order is);

The wallet page of Darico is incorporated in the Trader’s dashboard. After successfully logging in, if you click on the Wallet tab in the sidebar on the left of the page you will be able to see all your wallets and the holdings that you currently have.

As much as we would love to serve anyone and give them a chance to be introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies, there are some countries that due to regulation restrictions are exempted from Darico’s products usage. Amongst them: US citizens and any other countries that is under sanctions or has legal restrictions against cryptocurrencies.

Make sure the data you inserted is correct and if any errors appear please read carefully what the error is and try to comply to the directions given. If issue persists contact our Customer Support via chat or email us at support@darico.co. We’ll make sure to come back with answers as soon as we can.

Yes, you can trade 1000+ conventional assets on the MT5 platform through the mobile app. You can’t trade Cryptos directly from the Crypto Exchange though. This is a development coming on a later stage.

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